a “full life” list

Along with my writing an entry on my bucket list (I’ve opted to term this my Full Life List starting today, 5.14.13)  at the start of this blog, I opted to include it at the top for easy access as I do plan on crossing a number of these items off…and there is hope for those that are beyond my control, God willing.

Feel free to check back often as more may be added as time moves forward…some of these may even be crossed off by the end of 2013! This may just be the best year ever (for me at least)! I’ve long since discovered that with each passing year, life continues to get better…not easier, mind you, but better…fuller.

**Note: These are not in any particular order. Except for number one…that is a must. And those listed in italics are things that are ever-occuring.

  1. Get my passport – goal: 2015
  2. Remember my sister and remember her well.
  3. Enjoy mini-roadtrips on the weekends with a best friend.
  4. Learn a new instrument; maybe play it well:
    • *Guitar: acoustic, electric and maybe the bass
    • Violin
    • Cello
    • Drums
    • Harmonica
    • Mandolin
    • Banjo
    • Instruments from other cultures
  5. Bettering myself:
    • Be proficient in a second language.
    • Grow a garden and eat that food.
    • Say “I love you,” “Hello,” and “Goodbye” in as many languages as I can.
    • Be financially fit or well on the way.
    • Take a cooking class.
    • Take a self-defense class.
    • Learn a martial art.
    • Advance in yoga.
    • Take a Pilates class.
    • Be a healthier me and stay there.
    • Plant and grow a garden.
    • Retire
    • Take a cake decorating class
    • Take a leap of faith.
    • Continuously live my life to its fullest, regardless of my circumstances.
    • Be my own kind of beautiful
    • Keep FUN in the picture…at all times.
    • Seek beauty in everything.
    • Be interesting.
    • Be interested.
    • Live with grace.
  6. Learn/Try something new:
    • Try beer
    • Chess
  7. Learn new things that will keep me active (hobbies included):
    • Dance (not just in my PJs within the privacy of my current home)
    • Rock climbing (and make this a regular thing)
    • Scuba dive
    • Sky dive/Parachute…maybe
    • Hang glide
    • Bungee jump
    • Try snowboarding at least once
    • Learn to jet ski
    • Hot air balloon ride
    • Ski…at least once
    • Snow-shoeing
    • Water ski
    • Abseiling
    • Parasail
    • Cliff dive
    • Zipline
    • Ice skate again…it’s been years, but it’s about time I give it another try
    • Rollerblade, again…and go around the many lakes in the Twin Cities metro area
    • 5K
    • Triathlon
  8. Try something at least once:
    • Skinny dip
    • “Let my hair down”
    • Get my heart broken 
  9. Do fun outdoor things:
    • Hike up a mountain
    • Swim with the dolphins
    • Ride a camel
    • Ride an elephant
    • Go dog-sledding
    • Sleep beneath the stars, without a tent
    • Build an elaborate sand castle
    • Stand on an active volcano
    • Wilderness camping
    • White water rafting
    • Whale watching
  10. Travel:
    • Complete a road trip across the nation, visiting the major national monuments, parks and wonders this country has to offer.
    • Live abroad for at least three months.
    • Check out some of the random/odd things like the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn (IA).
    • Visit all 50 United states: 11 down, 39 to go
    • Set foot in each of the seven continents.
    • Go on a cruise.
    • Drive coast to coast
    • With fall being my favorite season, take a fall roadtrip with a bunch of friends…maybe a new route each year…during the peak color part of the season.
    • Take a road trip without any destination in mind (in other words, throw my proper planning techniques out the window and go!).
    • Go to Colorado.
    • Return to Colorado.
    • Attend a concert at Red Rocks, just west of Denver.
    • Hawaii
    • Stay in a historic hotel
    • View Seattle from the Space Needle
    • New York City
    • Take a cab in NYC
    • Climb the Statue of Liberty
    • Spend the holidays in NYC – Christmas at Rockefeller, New Years in Time’s Square
    • Walk through Central Park
    • Stand on top of the Empire State Building
    • See the New World Trade Center
    • Stand at Ground Zero
    • Washington, DC
    • Walk of Fame, Hollywood, CA
    • Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco
    • Leisurely drive every scenic highway and byway in America, preferably on the back of a motorcycle…
    • Visit a castle
    • Throw a dart a map and go wherever it lands
    • Be in two places at once
    • Get wonderfully lost
  11. Complete some personal goals/dreams:
    • Complete at least one novel and see it published.
    • Publish some of the writings on my blog, preferably in a book (like a collection).
    • Publish at least one poem.
    • Sell a painting/sketch.
    • Get my third, fourth, fifth, etc…tattoos. They’re constantly a WIP (work in progress)…and a couple of them may be completed soon!
    • Cut a music record; either in a studio or on my own.
    • Buy/Own my first pair of stilettos.
    • Write music.
    • Continue writing regardless of whether I get published or not
  12. Audition for Community Theater, at least once.
  13. Attend a major sporting event (i.e. the Olympics, the Super Bowl, etc…)
  14. See a Broadway play, on Broadway.
  15. Ministry/Serving:
    • Adopt a child through Hope International, or any other organization that sponsors children in need.
    • Mentor a young woman (youth/teen/young adult) – discipleship
    • Take a full year off from work to serve somewhere (city, community, or another country)
    • Plant a church. Do this again!
    • Lead a worship service.
    • Serve in another ministry in church different from those that I’ve done in the past.
    • Volunteer at a women’s shelter, regularly.
    • Volunteer at a local retirement home or hospital.
    • Volunteer, period.
    • Give more than I receive.
  16. Family life:
    • Adopt
    • Have and raise a couple of kids.
    • Hear the term “Mom” directed at me
  17. **Things I would like to do with my guy, should that be in God’s plan for me:
    • Have a real first date.
    • Make date-night a regular thing.
    • Be surprised on regular basis.
    • Have a marriage that outshines my wedding day. It will take work, yes, but I know it can be done. I’ve seen it!
    • Fall in love – and continue to walk in that love.
    • Be pursued
    • Find someone I can be completely stupid with
    • Have a 50th wedding anniversary (if possible)
    • Build an adult-sized fort with someone I love.
    • Attempt to snuggle in a hammock
    • Pull an all-nighter
    • Kiss under the mistletoe
    • Carve our names into a tree…it’s silly, yes, but it’s something I’ve never done.
    • Play hooky for a day – go to a park, have a picnic and enjoy one another’s company for a day
    • ….this is for those too private to list here…
    • Find someone I can be 100% “me” with and marry them…
    • Stay in love. Choose to love **This one is an ongoing process. Love isn’t a felling…it’s an action!
    • Respect my husband now, even if God calls me to be single
  18. Receive flowers from someone other than family
  19. Teach something new to someone.
  20. Try something new, just because.
  21. Go on a carriage ride
  22. Be cheered by a crowd. Kareoke anyone?
  23. Buy/Build my parents a new house.
  24. Own my own home, free and clear…or design and build my own home.
  25. Start my own business – I have a few ideas about this one. We shall see!
  26. Raise money for a cause I believe in.
  27. Help someone else cross something off their own bucket list.
  28. Actively smile at one person each day.
  29. Create a new word…wait, I already do that…
  30. Quit a job I lose the passion for and pursue something I do have passion for.
  31. Go back to school – degree type pending.
  32. Let past teachers know how they shaped my life.
  33. Tell my closest friends what they mean to me.
  34. Make certain that my parents know how much I love and care for them.
  35. Make certain that my siblings know how much I love and care for them.
  36. Cook a four coarse meal for my family (without any help from my mom). Do it again.
  37. Watch the Best Picture Oscar nominees each year. Check!
  38. Participate in a mass food fight…could be fun. (I just don’t want to be on the clean-up crew!)
  39. Maintain an active blog.
  40. Release a floating lantern.
  41. Have a paint fight – go paintballing!
  42. Pay for someone’s groceries/gas/coffee/etc.
  43. Choose to love. (repeated, but outside the confines of that listed above)
  44. Become an inspiration.
  45. Dance in the rain
  46. Keep doing what makes me happy
  47. Cirque de Soleil
  48. Go to Disneyland/world
  49. See the northern lights.
  50. Donate blood.
  51. Ride in a helicopter
  52. Send a message in a bottle** Newly Added**
  53. Visit a Renaissance fair – happening this year! 2013!!
  54. Go mountain biking
  55. Go canoeing/kayaking
  56. Windsurf
  57. Attend a music festival other than Life Light
  58. Listen to some jazz in New Orleans
  59. See Niagara Falls
  60. Play Poker/Texas Hold ‘Em at least once
  61. Learn to play Gin Rummy
  62. Stop worrying about things that are beyond my control
  63. Become a better listener
  64. Make a difference
  65. Learn sign language
  66. Kick a negative habit
  67. See a war re-enactment (Gettysburg, perhaps?)
  68. Buy a piece of art because I love it
  69. Take a sabbatical
  70. Make a piece of furniture
  71. Learn a new hobby (knitting, crochetting, wood-making)
  72. Adopt a pet
  73. Do something that really scares me
  74. Take a stand for something I believe in
  75. Have a mother/daughter weekend. Every. Year.
  76. Do work I really care about

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